Incredible Features of the vivo S1 Pro

Introducing the hottest smartphone in town – vivo S1 Pro; created by world famous designer Antonio Banderas. Styling journey from S1 to XS. Taking inspirations from royal regalia and fine gemstones, the smartphone was designed by master jeweler Jose Maria de Munt. The sleek diamond like design adds a special symmetry to the exquisitely crafted back glass completing the sophisticated look of S1 Pro. The futuristic design is inspired by nature and mythology. The futuristic touch provides a user experience like no other.

The vivo S1 pro has all the things a modern smartphone should. It features an advanced user interface with fluid design flow, impressive hardware, hi-tech hardware and most importantly, its unique blend of value, functionality, design and high quality technology. Users will not find any shortcomings in this smartphone, thanks to its high performance and smooth user interface. Its fast charging technology is what sets it apart from its counterparts as users can enjoy the benefit of cellular connectivity anywhere and anytime. Users can connect to cellular network when on the move.

The vivo S1 pro has a 16 mega pixel camera with optical zoom, optical image stabilization, and laser focus. This compact digital camera has a high resolution, optical zoom and laser focus as well as other professional features. The camera lens can be adjusted according to subject matter and this can enhance your photography experience. When shooting in dim light, the camera ensures that the entire scene is captured in clear and crisp images. The camera has a high sensitivity, so users can take pictures of objects even in low light.

The vivo s1 pro has a dual LED flash with dedicated camera lamp. It can snap stunning pictures with appropriate exposure settings. It also comes with a user-friendly interface which enables a user to enjoy the benefits of this smartphone. Users have to do nothing but simply download and install apps from the Samsung’s app store to enjoy the richness of this mobile phone.

The vivo s1 pro has a powerful and robust processor. It runs on a powerful 1ghz dual core processor that supports the applications that are made for the vivo s1 pro  device. The RAM of this smartphone is expandable up to two gigabytes so users can enjoy using it to its maximum potential. The ROM of the smartphone is also very generous that allows a user to remove unwanted files and optimize the performance of the RAM and CPU. It is also worth mentioning that the HTC vivo S1 pro runs on Windows operating system so there are no issues associated with the compatibility of this smartphone with the usual Microsoft operating system.

Another unique diamond shaped camera panel that comes along with this smartphone is the Boomtone Communicator. This gadget has an inbuilt calendar, contacts, clock, calculator and speaker. It has a very spacious memory that enables the user to store plenty of information. Users can connect this smartphone with internet and make use of the Bluetooth technology to share pictures and videos.